Managing Q&A

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The Q&A module can be used during a session to respond to questions from the audience. In this article you will learn how to create and manage Q&A modules.

The Q&A module can be used to receive and manage questions from participants during the program. This module can be used individually for each program item.

1. In the backend, go to Program -> Program items and select a program item that should be equipped with the Q&A module.

2. Click on Edit and scroll down.

3. There are two ways of displaying the Q&A module in the frontend, which can be used optionally.

a) If you choose the option Show Q&A module, a box will appear at the bottom right of the screen. Participants can submit their questions there. The Convention Manager can access an overview of all submitted questions via the Show questions button in the frontend. This button is only visible for Convention Managers.

Please note: In order to see the latest questions, you need to refresh your browser window. The rest of the participants will not get access to the submitted questions.


b) The second alternative is to show the Q&A module in the sidebar. The blue icon in the frontend will open the sidebar, where questions can be submitted. The questions posted there can be released by the Convention Manager via Show questions for ALL participants of the session. Shared questions will be visible in the feed and can be tagged with likes by the audience. The convention manager can manage the questions via the list view without them being public and decide which questions are displayed in the feed.


4. Select the preferred option and click Save.

5. You can manage the questions received during the live session via the frontend (Show questions). Sharing and likes only work if you have activated the Q&A feature in the sidebar.

PS: Incoming questions can also be displayed by the Convention Manager in the backend under Program -> Questions & Answers.


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