Add media to your event with the Content Editor

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    Learn how to embed images, videos and 3D content to enhance your presentation on event pages.

    To make your event pages more engaging, such as exhibitor profiles or informational pages, you can add various types of media. Here's how to do it.


    Inserting Images

    A picture is worth a thousand words. To add an image, simply click on the Image icon and upload the desired file. This will make your page more visually appealing.


    Integrating Videos

    Videos can bring your message to life. It's advisable to use videos hosted on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Upload your video files there, even with the option set to private, and embed them using the specific icon in the Content Editor. Follow these steps:

    • Upload your video to a platform such as YouTube or Vimeo.
    • Use the Video icon in the Content Editor to embed the video using its URL.


    Embedding 3D Objects

    3D models and spaces offer a unique, interactive way to present content. Simply embed them using the rooom 3D Space Viewer or the 3D Product Viewer. Here are the necessary steps:

    • Copy the public link of your 3D model or your 3D space.
    • Use the rooom icon to insert the link. If the icon is not available, you can also use the iframe embedding code.

    Attention: To avoid issues with voice chat, ensure the link starts with


    Embedding iFrames

    iFrames allow you to seamlessly embed external content into your event page. Here's how to add iFrames:

    • Copy the embedding code of your iFrame.
    • Open the code view in the Content Editor by clicking on the Code View icon and insert the code.
    • Close the code view to get a preview and save your changes to embed the iFrame on your page.

    For optimal display of your iFrame, use an appropriate container. For more information and instructions, check here: Properly Embedding iFrames.

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