How to create microsites in the content editor

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    You can use the content editor to add media to microsites. In this article you will learn how to use the content editor.

    It is possible to add images, videos, 2D and 3D content to the microsites, such as exhibitor profiles.



    Simply click on the Insert image icon and upload your image.



    When it comes to videos on microsites, it is best to use external hosted video content (e.g. from YouTube or Vimeo). If you have an MP4 video file, just upload it to your YouTube or Vimeo account (there you can also set it to private if needed). 

    Then you can embed the content directly using the YouTube or Vimeo icon. The URLs should be similar to this:


    Alternatively, you can find this icon in some places:


    To add a video to a microsite, simply click on the video icon and enter the URL.


    3D objects

    You can embed 3D objects directly using the rooom 3D Space Viewer or 3D Product Viewer.

    1. Copy the public link of your 3D object or 3D space.

    2. Click on the rooom icon and paste the link.


    PS: If the rooom icon is not available, you can insert the embed code of your 3D object via iFrame in the code.



    To avoid problems with voice chat, make sure that your link starts with ( This also applies to embedding via iFrame).



    In fields that can only be managed via the backend, you have the option of adding iFrames in the HTML code.

    1. Copy the embed code of your iFrame.

    2. Click the Code View icon and paste your embed code.


    3. You will get a preview for the embedded iFrame when you close the code view by clicking the icon again.

    4. Finally, click the Save button to submit your changes.

    To ensure that your iFrame is displayed in the correct aspect ratio, you can use a corresponding div container. You can find templates for this here: iFrames on content pages

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