Managing quizzes

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The quiz can be used as an entertaining tool during a live session. In this article you will learn how to create and manage a quiz.


1. How to create a quiz

2. Quiz administration



You can use the quiz to test the knowledge of the participants, but also to provide some entertainment and more interaction during the program.

How to create a quiz

1. Go to the menu item My Area. If you are authorized, you will find the Quiz field there.

2. Select the corresponding program item under event and and provide a title for the quiz (e.g. "rooom quiz").

3. Select whether the quiz should be active (= participation possible) and public (= participation possible even without registration). You can also specify whether the results (only for the moderator) or answers (for the participants) should be displayed. If the quiz is still running, you should make sure that no answers are shown yet! Otherwise the quiz will be closed automatically and participation will no longer be possible.

4. Click on Save to initially create the quiz.

5. Click the [ ? ] button in the list to assign one or more questions to the survey and create a question.

6. Enter the question (e.g. "What is the rooom color?") and choose an answer type.

  • Single choice: One answer possible
  • Multiple choice: Multiple answers possible

7. Provide possible answers and mark one or more answer(s) as correct.

8. Click on Save to add the question (and answers).

Active quizzes will now appear in the frontend in the pop-up sidebar of the assigned program item:

Quiz administration

After the creation you will get an overview of the answers to your quiz. You have the following options:

  • You can edit the status (active/public/results) directly in the list. Active quizzes are displayed under the program item. If you have already created the quiz in advance, you can activate it during the session. Public quizzes can be used without registrating on the platform.
  • See results (not public)
  • Show answers (public) to end the quiz
  • QR Code: You can display the QR code in the live stream. Participants can scan the code with their smartphone to take part in the quiz. 
  • Edit and add questions
  • Edit title, status and the assigned program item
  • Get a preview
  • Reset quiz: All previous answers will be deleted.
  • Delete the entire quiz

PS: The quiz can also be managed by the Convention Manager in the backend under Quizzes.

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