GuessWhere setup

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GuessWhere can be used as entertaining gamification. In this article you will learn how to add a GuessWhere module to your event.

GuessWhere is a geography quiz in which participants see a panoramic photo and have to guess the location on a map. The more accurate the guess, the higher the score.

1. To add the GuessWhere feature to your event, you first have to book the appropriate module. You can then easily add it via the CMS

2. Create a new page, select the type Module and then GuessWhere.


3. Set the position in the main menu by specifying after which existing page the menu item should appear and then click on Save. Now GuessWhere will appear as a menu item on your event!

PS: You can view the current ranking and reset the score in the backend under Gamification -> GuessWhere.

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