Speaker profiles

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Speaker profiles are a special type of user accounts. In this article you will learn how to assign and manage speakers.


1. Assigning user role

2. Assigning speakers to program items

3. Display on the speaker overview


Assigning user role

Every rooomEvents speaker has his own user account. You can administrate the speaker profiles under the menu item Participants -> User accounts. There you can enter all relevant information (e.g. name, company, position, biography of the speaker). You can read more about how to create a user account here.

It is important that you assign the Speaker role to the user account

A speaker account also serves as networking profile for participation in the event. In exceptional cases, however, it may make sense for certain people to create both a speaker profile and a "normal" user account for networking.

  • Speaker profile: information for the speaker overview (role speaker, administrated by the Convention Manager)
  • Networking profile: private account for participating in the event (role visitor)

You can use the filter function under User accounts to filter by speakers:



Assigning speakers to program items

Once a user has been assigned the speaker role, he or she can be linked to a program item. This will automatically display the profile on the speaker overview.

1. Select the corresponding session under Program items.

2. Assign the speaker by entering the name.


Display on the speaker overview

After assigning them to a program item user profiles with the speaker role automatically appear in the speaker overview.

To optimize the display, the profile picture should be square (cropped).

If no sorting is specified, the speakers will be displayed in alphabetical order. If a specific order on the speaker overview is desired (for example, to highlight the main speakers), it can be defined under SORT in the user account.

  • Value < 0: show first


The following information is displayed in the speaker profile:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Company
  • "About me" text
  • LinkedIn & XING account
  • Assigned sessions
  • Assigned exhibitor profile
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