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The agenda consists of multiple stages and program items. In this article you will learn how to create and manage the program items.

Program items are considered all sessions that are scheduled during your convention, such as presentations, panels, interviews, talks, workshops, keynotes, etc. Convention Managers can create program items and find different settings in the backend.

Attention: Before you can start creating program items, you first need to create the stage(s)!

1. Go to Program -> Program items and click on the Create program item button.


2. Fill in the following:
  • Title: The name of the program item.
  • Signature/Description: Optional (to provide further information).
  • Begin/End: Start date and time of the program item (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm) and the duration in minutes. The end will be calculated automatically.
  • Used timezone: The time zone will be imported from the convention settings.
  • Sprache: The language(s) in which the program item takes place.
  • Speaker: Select one or more speaker profile(s).
  • Moderator: Select one or more convention manager profile(s).
  • Partners: Select one or more exhibitor profile(s).
  • Categories: If you have defined different session categories, you can assign them here.
  • Visible to roles: You can decide if the program item should only be visible to certain user roles.
  • Parent event: If you have defined parent events, you can assign it here (e.g. for breakout sessions).
  • Stage: If you have defined multiple stages, you can assign it here.
  • Dokumente: You can provide documents that will be downloadable for the participants (e.g. presentations).
3. Check the boxes that apply to the program item:
  • Program item is activated: The program item will appear in the agenda.
  • Parent Program item: Other sessions can be assigned to the program item as sub-items.
  • Show Emojis: Live emojis will be activated.
  • Show Chat (Rocketchat): The chat window will be activated below the video.
  • Chat anzeigen (Local/Sidebar): The chat window will be activated in the pop-up sidebar.

5. Save your settings.

6. After you have created multiple program items, you can display them either in a list or a calendar overview. Program items can be created in the calendar by clicking on a date. The program items can also be moved easily by Drag & Drop in the calendar.


Tip: In the list view you will find the Duplicate button. This allows you to easily copy already existing program items in order to set up many program items of the same type faster.



Learn how to connect on demand video players to program items after your event here.

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