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The dashboard offers you different tools to manage your 3D spaces and products. In this article you will learn how to use the dashboard.



1. Login

2. Overview

3. User administration

4. Manage 3D spaces and products



1. Open our website rooom.com

2. Click on the user icon in the upper right corner. 

To skip the first two steps, you can also go directly to the URL app.rooom.com.


3. Log in with the e-mail and password of your rooom account. If you don't have an account yet, you simply register to create one.

4. When you're done, you can log out by clicking on your profile picture and then Logout.




After you log in, the dashboard offers you an overview of all your existing 3D assets. We are differentiating here between spaces and products. Via Show more you can access all assets that are assigned to your account.

You can access the dashboard at any time by clicking on the home icon in the upper left corner:



User administration

Via your profile picture in the upper right corner you can access the user administration. Here you can find the settings.

In the settings you can:

  • Edit your profile (contact details and profile picture)
  • Change the appearance (design and language) of the interface
  • Change your password under security
  • Manage notifications (e.g. newsletter)
  • Manage integrations and connections to social networks


Manage 3D spaces and products

In the Dashboard you can manage your 3D products and spaces, in the following articles you will get more information about this:

How to manage your products

How to manage your spaces


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