3D space administration

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    The space overview is the place to start managing your virtual spaces. In this article you will learn more about the administration of 3D spaces.


    You can access the space overview by clicking on "Spaces" or on the "Show more" button:

    There you will find all virtual spaces that are part of your account. Depending on which package you have booked, a specific contingent is available to you. Here you can see how much of this you have already used.

    Click on the preview image of a space to open the Space Viewer where you can experience your space from the user's perspective.

    Click on the -button to open the Space Editor - our tool for editing and setting up spaces.

    Here you have different possibilities to edit the space, set it up with virtual objects from our catalog, and add your own content. You can find more information in the category "Space Editor".


    How to add a new space

    Click on Add Space in the upper left corner to create a new space. Depending on which package you have booked, there are different space templates available here, which you can customize and furnish individually. You can add both empty or pre-furnished rooms.

    Once you have added a space, the Space Editor opens automatically so that you can edit your space directly.


    How to share and embed a space

    If you want to make your space is visible to others, you can share or embed the corresponding Space Viewer. Here you will find a detailed explanation:
    How to share and embed a space


    More options

    Use the three-dot menu to customize your space:


    1. Rename:
      Easily rename your space here.
    2. Editor:
      Open the editing mode using this option. Alternatively, you can use a shortcut to the editor: the mceclip2.png button on the space tile.
    3. Settings:
      In the space settings, you can set up features such as password protection.
    4. Toggle Avatars:
      Quickly enable or disable avatars in your space here.
    5. Share:
      Find links for Sharing and Embedding your Space Viewer here.
    6. Copy:
      Create a copy of the space.
    7. Statistics:
      Access view counts for the 3D Space Viewer in the statistics. You can choose different time frames for viewing statistics.
    8. Publish
      Use Publish to make your space available to other rooom users.
    9. Delete:
      Use this option to delete your space.
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