rooomSpaces guide for end-users

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    As an end-user, rooomSpaces allows you to experience and interact with exciting 3D spaces. In this article you will get an overview of the possibilities for end-users.


    Enter a space

    Enter a space by clicking on the corresponding link or by typing the URL of the space viewer into the input field of your browser. 

    If the space is password protected, you will be prompted to enter the appropriate password before entering.



    Create and edit your own avatar

    (The information in this chapter refers to the avatar system of ReadyPlayerMe. If another avatar system is set in the space, the functionality may differ.)

    At the beginning enter a name for your avatar.

    To generate your avatar, you can simply upload a photo. However, this is not obligatory, you can also create your avatar yourself without uploading a photo or create a random avatar. 

    Now an avatar will be generated from your photo, which you can customize in the last step.

    If the configuration modal is not displayed directly, you can open it at any time via your avatar image at the top right and customize your avatar.

    Use the voice chat

    If the voice chat is activated in a space, you will be asked to agree to the use of your microphone when you enter. Please click "Allow" here for voice chat to work properly.

    Please always use a headset when participating in voice chat to prevent noise interference.


    Click here for more information on how to use the voice chat!


    Use avatar gestures

    By clicking on the gesture icon located at the bottom center, you will have various interaction options available, such as waving or dancing. This way you can interact with other participants in the space and express your emotions.

    Change camera perspective

    Click on the eye button at the bottom right to change the camera perspective.

    Third-Person: The camera is outside your avatar and you can look around freely while moving.

    First-Person: Move through the space from your avatar's perspective.

    Virtual Reality: Use a VR headset to experience the space in virtual reality, click here for more information. 

    Third-Person (Auto Rotate): The camera is outside your avatar and automatically rotates with your avatar as you move.

    Anaglyph: Experience the space in 3D. You will need 3D anaglyph glasses (color filter glasses).

    Controls with desktop devices & laptops

    Look around

    Hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor into the preferred direction of view to look around.


    You can move through the space with the arrow keys on your keyboard (alternatively W, A, S, D).

    In addition, you can also move through the Space using the following methods::

    • Hold down the right mouse button and release it at the desired location to teleport there.
    • Double-click on any point on the ground to move directly to that spot.
    • If there are navigation spots in the space, you can simply click on them and go directly to the spot.


    When the cursor turns into a hand over an element, an interaction is possible. You can interact with the objects in the space by clicking on them, for example to

    1. activate the sound of a video,

    2. move through the space,
    3. view objects in the 3D Product Viewer,
    4. or scroll through virtual brochures.


    Controls with mobile devices

    Look around

    Use two fingers to pan the view on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.


    To navigate with the touchpad, use one finger, hold it down, and move it to walk.


    Interactions are made by simply tapping on the objects.


    Tip: Consult the question mark in the bottom right corner of the 3D Space Viewer for more navigation guidance.


    How to start screen sharing

    Click on the plus button or double click on the display and select the window you want to share. Now click on the share button and the content of your screen will be displayed in the 3D Space Viewer.

    To also share the sound of your presentation, activate the slider under "Also share system audio".


    Move objects around 

    Selected objects can also be moved in the 3D Space Viewer. 

    If an object is colored orange-yellow when you hover over it, you can select it by double-clicking the left mouse button and then moving it through the Space while holding down the left mouse button. 

    (The person who provides you with the Space Viewer will tell you if this feature is enabled in your Space Viewer.)



    Use sticky notes in a space 


    To add a sticky note, simply click on the note button at the bottom left.

    You can edit notes of yourself and others even afterwards by clicking on them.

    Click here for more information on how to use sticky notes in your space!

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