Which event status should I select?

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To control the registration and login of your event, you can set different event statuses. In this article you will learn when which event status should be set.


  1. Event status overview
  2. Pre-event
  3. Open event
  4. Post event
  5. Archived
  6. Closed


Event status overview







Event is active and online.

Registration is active.

Event can be visited.
Login active and visible

Event is over.
Login deactivated, Business card actions hidden, Chat is deactivated etc.



With this event status the pre-event page is accessible and the registration is activated.

If you have made a selection in the "Login roles before visitable" field, the corresponding roles can log in via "{your event URL}/login". 

The registration will be displayed depending on your selected registration mode. 

If you have selected the Quick Register as registration mode, then the registration is equivalent to the login. In this case, the event status Pre Event does not prevent users from entering your event via the Quick Register.


Open event

This event status activates the registration and shows the login button on the pre-event page. 

If you have not selected any roles in the "Login roles when visitable" field, the event is accessible to every role. 


Post event

If you want to close the registration of your event without limiting the functions of your event, select this event status. No new users will be able to register. This is useful, for example, if the functions and content for participants of the live event should remain available on-demand after the event. 



If you select the event status "Archived", the login will be deactivated and the event will be restricted in its functions (business card actions will be deactivated, chat will be deactivated).

If you have selected roles in the "Login roles before visitable" field, these roles will still have the possibility to login and visit the event. 



With the event status "Closed" you deactivate the event, the pre-event page and your event are no longer accessible via the URL.

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