Add & place objects in the Space Editor

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    You can place objects anywhere in your space. In this article you will learn how to place and move objects.


    Add new object

    To place an object in your room, you can simply choose one from the 3D object library. Use the [+] in the upper right corner to open the library.

    The 3D object library is divided into different categories. You can find furniture, decoration, marketing materials and much more. You can also find your own 2D and 3D uploads here. To make your search easy, there is also a search bar. Click on an object to add it to your space.



    Change position, rotation & size

    You can double-click on the object to activate editing and position it where you want it.


    You can find even more options in the Object menu in the right sidebar:


    Edit Object EN.png
    1. Positioning by coordinate system: You can align the object even more precisely using the x, y and z axes.
    2. Rotation: The object can be easily rotated on all three axes using the sliders under Rotation. If you like it very precise, you can also specify the rotation in degrees (e.g. rotate by 90°). 
    3. Scale object: Use [+] and [-] to increase or decrease the size of the object (1.00 = original size).


    To place your object even more precisely you can activate the positioning tool. The tool helps you to align the objects perfectly. (See picture)

    Once you have found the perfect position for your object, you can lock it using the icon in the object list or directly on the object. This prevents you from accidentally moving it while you continue working. If you still want to make a change, you can easily unlock it again using the same icon.



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