Change object colors & materials

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    Virtual spaces can be easily customized in a corporate design. In this article you will learn how to customize element colors and materials.

    Customizing objects

    1. Select an object via double-click or the object list to start editing.

    2. Click on the icon in the quick access bar or go to the Material tab in the object menu in the right sidebar.

    3. Depending on the object you can choose different material options (e.g. soft leather, rough leather, etc.).

    4. You can assign a color to each material below. Simply enter a color code in HEX format or click on the colored circle to open the color palette tool.

    Please note that the color scheme may look different depending on the lighting conditions in the virtual space.

    Customizing walls & floors

    Spatial elements, such as walls and floors can be modified just as easy as other objects. You can also customize the material and colors by double clicking on the element.

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