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    You can add web links to objects in your Space. In this article you will learn what options you have for creating links to external websites.

    Links make your content interactive and allow you to attach websites to objects in virtual spaces. Here's how it works:

    Add link

    1. Double-click on the object you want to add a link to (e.g. a laptop or screen)
    2. Open the Link tab in the menu on the right and paste the URL of the website into the URL field.


    Linking options

    Now you have a few options to choose from:

    • Show content in Modal: The website is embedded as an iFrame and opens directly in the Space Viewer:
      If you do not activate this feature, the website will simply open in a new browser tab.
      We recommend that you always show websites in modal if possible. However, not every website allows embedding via iFrame. If this is the case, you will receive the following error message:

      The corresponding settings can be made by the administrator of the website.

      If the background of the web page is not displayed correctly in the iFrame, this article may help you.

    • With frame: You can display the website in the frame of a tablet or other device if you want (works only for websites that can be embedded via iFrame).


    Link 3D Product Viewer

    For an interactive presentation of your products, artworks etc. you can link 3D Product Viewers to the objects in your Space. To do this, simply paste the URL of the 3D Product Viewer into the URL field and select Show Content in the modal.


    You can find out the URL of a 3D product viewer in your dashboard. For more information, click here.

    User Experience Tip

    Add the parameter ?autostart=1 at the end of the Product Viewer URL. This way the viewer loads directly and users don't have to click on the 3D button again.

    Using the links you can also easily embed video players more about this you can find here: Embedding & uploading videos

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