Embed live streams in a space

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This article refers to the Space Editor V2:
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Streams can be embedded directly on virtual 3D stages, e.g. during a live event. In this article you will learn how to connect streams with 3D objects.

1. Select an object via double-click or the object list to start editing. Streams can only be attached to objects that have a display, e.g. monitors or stages.

2. You can select the content to be presented under Displays in the object menu in the right sidebar. Then activate Custom plane.

3. Now select Livestream and add the link of your streaming provider.


The live stream will now be played directly on the element (e.g. the stage) in the 3D Space Viewer.

4. After the live event is over, you can provide a recording as an embedded video. Just choose the Link section (instead of Display), insert the URL and upload a preview image.

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