Creating tooltips in the Space Editor

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Tooltips are small labels that become visible on mouseover. In this article you will learn how to create tooltips.

Tooltips help you to make your space even more interactive. For each element, you can add a short explanatory text that can give visitors helpful hints and catches their eye. For example, you can use the text as a call-to-action on avatars or other objects. They can also be helpful to give an indication of linked content.


How to add tooltips:

  1. Double-click or use the object list to activate editing for the object you chose.
  2. Open the object menu in the right sidebar and scroll down to the Text section.
  3. Now you can enter the text under Tooltip2023-04-14_09-59-10.jpgPlease note: The Title field is for internal identification in the object list and is not displayed in the 3D Space Viewer.
  4. To view your configuration, open the 3D Space Viewer. The tooltips are not visible on mouseover in the Space Editor.
User Experience Tip

Under More Object Options there are a number of other highlights that you can combine to draw attention to specific content. In combination with tooltips, for example, color effects or a like button are useful. Read the article on interactive object options to learn more.

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