Add and edit navigation spots

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    Navigation spots help to move around in the space and draw attention to specific content. In this article you will learn how to set them.

    Navigation spots are located at the floor of your space. When users click on them, they take the position and predefined viewing perspective of this navigation spot. This way you can guide your visitors to explore your space.


    Add navigation spots

    1. First, go to the desired location in the space and look in exactly the direction that the navigation point should be aligned with. The location and the viewing perspective will be used to create the spot in the next step.
    2. Click Add Navigation Spot in the left menu bar.
    3. The navigation spot will now be placed on the ground exactly at your point of view and will have the same perspective. Open the 3D Space Viewer to test the navigation spot.


    Edit navigation spots

    Adjust position

    Double-click on a navigation spot to edit it. You can find them in the object list under "Spot". By default, navigation spots are always placed on the ground. They can be moved in the same way as any other object. However, the viewing perspective cannot be adjusted afterwards.



    Customize appearance

    The default color for navigation spots is white. You can easily customize them by changing the color. Optionally, you can also upload an image to the navigation spot (right object menu: Display -> Select file).

    For example, you can add your branding and adapt the navigation spots to the look and feel of your space.


    User Experience Tip

    Upload an arrow as an image to the display. This way, visitors can already see in which direction they are navigating.

    Change the name

    You can give the navigation spot a unique name to make it easier to find in the object list or when creating a guided tour. To do this, enter a suitable title in the Object menu under Text.

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