Set the Spawn Point (Starting Position) in Spaces

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In this article, you'll learn how to customize the starting position in the Space Viewer.

With a customized starting position, you can draw focus to particular highlights of your space, optimizing visitors' first impression.

  1. Get into the exact position and perspective you want to set as the starting point.
  2. Click on the space settings in the left menu bar:
  3. Now select Use Current Position under the submenu "Starting Position" and then click Save.

The system will now apply the exact point and viewing direction you took in step 1 as the start position. You can see the spawn point in the space editor as a red marker.


Optional Setting: Bird's Eye View

Optionally, you can also specify whether the Space Viewer should start in bird's eye view.


Resetting the Start Position

To reset the set start position, simply select Reset and click Save.


Note on Preview Image Synchronization

PS: The preview image for your space will synchronize automatically. This may take a moment. Please be patient until the new preview image appears.

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