3D product administration

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The product overview is the place to start managing your 3D models. In this article you will learn more about the administration of 3D products.



  1. Basics
  2. How to upload a new product
  3. How to share and embed a product
  4. More options



You can access the product overview via the main menu or the dashboard:


There you will find all 3D objects that are assigned to your account. 

Clicking on the preview image of an object will open the Product Editor - our tool for customizing 3D models. Here you have different possibilities to edit the object and add info tags (annotations) for example. You can find more information in the section "Product Editor".


How to upload a new product

To add a new product, you can either

a) upload 3D data

b) upload a photo series

c) do a 3D scan with the rooomScan app

If you want to use option a) or b), you just have to click on the upload button in the upper left corner. Then you can select your files (3D data or photos) from your device or drag and drop them into the field. Our system will automatically identify and process the data.


[Tutorial for 3D model upload]        [Tutorial for photo upload]

If you choose option c), the object will be added to your account automatically after your scan.


In the pipeline, you can see the progress before the object can be used.




How to share and embed a product

You have successfully uploaded your 3D object and now you want to share it with others or use it for marketing activities? It is easily accessible in any browser via the 3D Product Viewer link, click here for a detailed explanation.

PS: If you host a WooCommerce online store, you can easily use our plugin to embed your 3D objects on the product pages.


More options

In the product settings you can set up a password protection.

The statistics show the number of visits to the 3D Product Viewer. You can select different time slots for viewing the statistics.

You can also rename, copy or delete objects directly.

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